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Welcome, We are Here to Feed Your Teeth.

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  • Hey, what is it about your smile that made you look up the virtual holistic dental aisle for Nirvana Tooth Food?

    Conventional toothpastes - natural ones and non-natural causing you cavities and gum disease?
    Nirvana goes beyond and serves you meals for your teeth, gums and saliva.
    A feast for your oral microbiome.  We feed your good bacteria to eat and destroy the bad bacteria in your mouth.  We help heal, fed, eat and rejuvenate to naturally whiten your smile.
    What does it mean to naturally whiten your smile?   We nourish your yellowed malnourished inside of your teeth - enamel & dentin, back to it's youthful state.  
    NIrvana was conceived when our founder was 8 years old, made a wish to one day make a toothpaste with hydroxyapatite. "I had every molar and premolar filled with silver mercury amalgam fillings, by the age of 13.  My mother was a health nut, we didn't have any sugary treats in the house, and my brushing was ok but I used Crest Toothpaste that is a ph5.5, automatically placing my oral microbiome, saliva into a state of cavities and gum disease.  You need your ph of your saliva above 7ph.
    I suffered from childhood anxiety and gut health. 
    We now  understand the mouth-mind-gut connection.
    At age 8, I received a hydroxyapatite toothpaste from Japan, from my Nanny Ethel.  That was the first time in 6 months I didn't get cavities.   I noticed a change in my mind, breath, anxiety, and lack of bleeding gums and cavities. I wished to make a toothpaste that would feed my teeth.  We did just that and more.   Nirvana Tooth Food pastes, mouth rinse therapies and flossing serums.  We are your biocompatible oral beauty grocery store! 

    Nirvana Tooth Food pastes blend bio-minerals, pre-biotics, 10% nano-hydroxyapatite, theobromine, collagen, vitamins and trace minerals and mood enhancing botanicals to help feed your mouth.

    A new paradigm of oral beauty using aromatherapy to help stimulates your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotions to take conscious action while brushing and feeding your teeth, gums and saliva.

    Our Founder

    Sonia Pellerino, founder of Nirvana Dental Apothecary Clinics and Nirvana Tooth Food.  A Canadian Biological, Holistic Dental Hygienist, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, and Passionate about supporting Humanity Awaken.     
    Past 12 years, we have been formulating in our biological dental clinics bio-mineral-holistic all- natural dental-grade oral beauty care products.
    "The ability to shift your reality using aromatherapy with your morning and evening swishing, flossing, brushing, and rinsing is revolutionary.  Traditional toothpaste oral care isn't working. It's destroying your oral microbiome.  Dental cavities & gum disease are on an all-time high." Founder, Sonia Pellerino Biocompatible RDH. 

  • “ Our oral microbiome mimics Earth’s oral microbiome, and our lifestyle’s microbiome.”  Sonia Pellerino RDH
    We value Mother Earth, consciously aware of only taking what we need.  We create Tooth Food.  We use violet glass jars maintain the bioavailability of the ingredients the cells in your mouth eat, organic, wildcrafted, sustainably sourced, and GMO-free products and materials to maintain the purity and integrity of our ingredients and planet

  • Super Human-Being Optimize Oral Health Steps
    Professional Dental Advice from Sonia Pellerino, Biological, Registered Dental

    1. Set your Intention for the day. Set your intention while you are opening each one of our products. Mindfully Repeat silently while you are cleaning an affirmation, prayer, or mantra. Repattern-reprogram and be present. Get control over your mind. Pick your mindset. Teeth are alive and connected by meridians to each cell in your body, your teeth refract energy and speak to your body. Command your day. Embody your power of who you are.
    2. RINSE with Ocean Blend Antibacterial Mouth Rinse. Quick swish and spit into your sink- release love into our waters.
    3. TONGUE SCRAPE Gently in the present moment, scrape tongue setting your morning intention for the day.
    4. OIL PULLING with Awaken Coconut Oil Therapy Rinse with Essential Oils Morning Pre-Rinse: Mindfully rinse for 30 seconds to 6 minutes, morning time, on an empty stomach. Spit in the trash bin, not sink. Release your intention.
    5. FLOSS with Nirvana Flossing Serum, mindfully glide 1-2 drops of Nirvana Flossing Oil onto floss, make sure floss extends up to 2 mm under the gum line. Forming a "C" shape, hugging front and back with each tooth. Can also apply Flossing Oil to your Rubber Tip, Sulca Brush, Proxa Brush, Interdental Cleaners and Oral Aids. Apply 1 drop to a tablespoon of MCT Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil for pulling, apply 1-3 drops to sea salt mouth rinse, and/or 2 drops to your toothbrush with toothpaste or naked. Please make sure toothpaste is always wet, dry bristles can damage delicate gum tissue. When using: Silently repeat with each glide your affirmation, prayer, or mantra, being present with self-love, connecting to your inner beauty.
    6. Mindful BRUSH -2 minutes, with a pearl size.  Nirvana Tooth Food is blended with 10% dental grade nano-hydroxyapatite, bio-minerals Collagen, and Prebiotics to  support your lifestyle. Stimulate your mind with aromatherapy organic and wildcrafted botanical essential oils. Have a look at our website for our recommended Oral Beauty Ritual for the toothpaste you are using. We suggest not using the same NIrvana Tooth Food paste for morning lunch dinner. Your needs of the day change, aromatherapy helps you to be the best version of yourself. Our founder, Biological Dental Hygienist's Toothbrush recommends using Kyoui electric toothbrush. "What I have seen clinically, over a decade is an oval-shaped head with a non-oscillating head, cleans along your gum line and between your teeth far better. We do not recommend using a circular brush head, I have seen over and over again too much plaque being missed and recession and gum disease prevailing with its inadequacy. I can tell when you are using a circular round brush head in the dental chair. " Sonia Pellerino RDH. Visit our online store to purchase your EMF Free Kyoui Sonic Toothbrush for adults and kids. Oval shape, each bristle moves independently, and it's gentle sonic motion. It's challenging to get a circular head onto a rectangular/square-shaped tooth, especially when you have recession and root exposure. If you like using a manual toothbrush we love to brush with bamboo toothbrushes. Make sure your bristles are soft to extra soft. Use our Clean Toothbrush Solution, cleaning solution after each morning-lunch-bedtime brush to clean viruses, bacteria, fungus from your toothbrush
    7. TONGUE SCRAPE Use our Rose Gold Tongue Scraper.  Gently 1-3 strokes- the pressure is the weight of a dime.
    8. RINSE Ocean Antibacterial Blend Mouth Rinse. Rinse and spit with Ocean Antibacterial Blend Mouth Rinse. Look into the mirror- smile and say aloud, "I love you. thank you, I am grateful for you ______ (say your name.)
    9. Tooth Vitamin Treatment: Wet toothbrush, shake excess water off, dip your damp toothbrush into Nirvana Fairy Dust-brush teeth gently-leave on- no rinsing. Feed the cells of your enamel and dentin! Calcium and Phosphate.
    10. Extra Care: GUM MASK Once a week or when needed apply our Nirvana Tooth Food as a gum mask to your gums and teeth. A thin smear layer, like applying lotion to your skin on your face. Allow sitting on your teeth and gums- 5-10 minutes. Followed by massaging your gums with Nirvana Flossing Serum. Give your gums and teeth a facial. Soothing, revitalizing, and empowering.
    11. Extra Care: Using a Nirvana Oral Irrigation Dental Syringe daily, weekly, or when needed. Filling with Nirvana Flossing Oil, or saltwater, or Ocean Antibacterial Rinse when you have completed step 8.


    Our 11 Steps to Optimal Oral Beauty does not replace visiting your Biological Dentist and Biological Dental Hygienist every 3-4 months for your professional biological dental cleaning and 6-12 month check up with your Biological Dentist.  If you need to get digital xrays, please schedule a complimentary call with Sonia Pellerino.
Looking for a biological dental office?  We can help guide you in the right direction.

    Have a conversation with them your dental professional, regarding our 11 steps, asking if any modifications are necessary to benefit your individual oral care needs.

    Schedule a complimentary oral beauty care consult, with our Biological Registered Dental Hygienist, Founder Sonia Pellerino practicing dentistry since 1997.