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Fairy Dust Hydroxyapatite Tooth Vitamin Powder 30gr


  • Fairy Dust Magic
  • Ingredients
  • Oral Beauty Ritual
  • Tasteless Magic Fairy Dust Toothpowder is the perfect potion for your children's and adults' teeth.  Tooth minerals and pearl collagen are best friends with your microbiome friendly.  The healthy meal for your teeth, saliva, and gums to eat. 

    Add a dusting of Fairy Dust to your toothpaste on your toothbrush or a naked toothbrush for a touch-up mid-day after a sugary-acidic-staining snack or drink.  Great for those wearing orthodontic braces.  

    1. Research states Dental grade 15% nano-hydroxyapatite prevents cavities, heals cavities that have only penetrated your enamel (small decay,) feeds the microbiome healthy bacteria- this means your fairy dust powder is food for your teeth, saliva, and gums. 

    2. Helps nourish and naturally whiten your teeth by feeding the inside of your teeth- the dentin.  Dentin when malnourished is dark yellow, which makes your teeth yellow.  When fed properly dentin begins to lighten and brighten teeth.  

    3. Studies have shown that by sealing in your enamel and root surface of your teeth with the minerals of calcium and phosphate you are repairing and healing sensitivity.  nano-hydroxyapatite was designed by NASA over 40 years ago for the astronauts to prevent major decay in space.  They designed biocompatible minerals for the teeth to absorb and strengthen, preventing tooth decay.  Nano- Hydroxyapatite is the minerals of your teeth.  It's that simple.  It's stronger than fluoride, performs better than fluoride- The gold star of oral beauty biocompatible care.

  • 15% Dental Grade Nano-Hydroxyapatite
    Helps with caries prevention, repair of micro-lesions, pearlescent, and tooth sensitivity protection. It can help remineralize and restore enamel. The majority of the enamel and dentin in your teeth is made from a form of hydroxyapatite. The Open Dentistry Journal notes that tooth enamel consists of about 97 percent hydroxyapatite, 1.5 percent water, and 1.5 percent collagen and other proteins. The presence of hydroxyapatite in your tooth enamel is what makes it the hardest substance in your body.

    Pearl Powder
    Pearl powder contains over 30 trace minerals, a natural, whole food medicine array of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, and silica. Pearl contains a special compound known as conchiolin. Conchiolin is what gives pearls their rainbow luminescence. This unique pearl protein promotes healthy collagen production, possibly helping the gum tissue heal.

    Prebiotic: Inulin
    Significant reduction to the proportions of tongue bacteria associated with oral malodor, therefore helping to create fresh breath.  Studies have shown the capability to neutralize pH (cavity prevention), decrease inflammation, disrupt biofilm (dental plaque), and balance the microbiota, creating a balanced oral ecosystem

    Arrow Root
    Increases alkalinity. 



  •  Use FIARY DUST after brushing with toothpaste, and between meals.  To Feed, Nourish, Whiten, Polish.  THIS FORMULA IS VITAMINS FOR YOUR TEETH!

    Adults need to brush with toothpaste first, and most kids ages 5+

    Kids 3-4 years old:  First brush with a naked toothbrush/ - no toothpaste needed for these little kiddos.  Unless their diet has sugars, sugary drinks, concentrated juices, poor carbohydrates, and lack of brushing 2x day.  Using a kid's soft toothbrush wet with water only first, remove food and very little plaque that forms, rinse with water, and spit.
    For Adults and KIds 5+ years old please follow directions after brushing with toothpaste.  
    Using Fairy Dust Tooth Vitamins:
    1. A clean wet toothbrush, shake excess water from the toothbrush, use a DAMP TOOTHBRUSH ONLY!
    2. Dip gently into jar 1/4 tip of brush, tap excess.
      Brush to cover all surfaces of teeth, spit- do not rinse off. Use daily 2-3 x daily to nourish, whiten and restore enamel and dentin and feed your healthy bacteria within your oral microbiome.
    3. Wash toothbrush, place in Nirvana Clean Toothbrush Solution.
    Remineralize & Desensitizes Enamel. Prevents & Fights Cavities. Prevents Child Gingivitis 
    External use only. Dental Grade. Results Vary.